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Corporate Social Responsibility

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NTZDC Board Visits Nyayo Tea Zones Primary School in Kakamega

The NTZDC Board of Directors crowned their field trip with a visit to Nyayo Tea Zones Primary School in Kakamega County.The school which is named after the Corporation is situated opposite the Kakamega zonal office in Lurambi.

The Directors were received by the management, members of staff and pupils of Nyayo Tea Zones primary school. The Directors held a brief meeting with the school management and later inspected the school facilities with a view to recommend funding to support the construction of a learning facility as part of the Corporation's Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Board member Dr. Wilson Soy gave a motivational talk to the teachers and pledged future partnership between the Corporation and the school.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporation has undertaken various community initiatives in the zones aimed at involving communities living adjacent to the forests in conservation and income generation activities. The Corporation supports income generation activities so that the communities can become custodians of forest protection instead of being agents of destruction. The projects funded include bee keeping, dairy farming, fish farming, poultry, fruit farming, sericulture and dairy goat farming.

In the Afforestation program me, the Corporation has helped CBOs to establish their own nurseries for fuel wood production so that they stop relying on forest products. The Corporation provides the communities with certified seeds and nursery farm inputs to enable them plant their own fuel wood.

These community programmes have not only economically empowered communities living adjacent to forests but also greatly reduced their reliance on forest products for their livelihood.

Other Corporate Social responsibility activities undertaken by the Corporation include:

  • Construction of communal tea buying centres in the zones. To date, over 70 tea buying centres have been constructed where the Corporation and communities sell their tea.
  • Upgrading of rural access roads which have eased accessibility of market centres in the zones and enabled farmers to take their produce to the markets.
  • Community sensitisation on the importance of forest conservation and protection of the environment.

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